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Not sure what that gurgling noise you hear coming from the bathroom is? Why does water shoot out your cleanout pipe when you do a load of laundry? Have a foul smell that you just can't seem to get rid of? Browse our selection of trouble shooting tips for the answer to your septic tank or leach field issues!

Full Septic Tank
- A properly functioning septic tank will have 1' of head space above the liquid level. If you have less than 1 foot or no head space then your tank is overfull and requires service.
Slow drain or clogged drain
- Check levels of liquids in your tank standpipes. If you see liquid up inside the pipe then you need to have your septic tank pumped.
- You could have a plug in your sewer line. Sometimes we are able to clear the plug by pulling a vacuum on the line during a septic pumping service.
- If a vacuum of the lines did not clear up the issue than you will need to contact your local drain service or plumber.
Smells inside house
- If you live in a newly constructed home it is possible that the plumbing vents have not been opened.
- A dry pea trap will allow septic smells to escape via the open drains. Run water in all drains to fix this problem.
- The wax ring around your toilet will dry out over time and allow septic smells to escape back into the home. This will happen more quickly if you use in-floor heating.
Smells outside of house
- This could be an indication that your septic system needs pumped.
- Wind direction and air quality play a part in septic system smells. Heavy or dense air (like fog) will cause the septic smell to hang lower at the ground even if its vented from the roof. Wind will occasionally blow septic smells from the vent back to ground level.
Just serviced and my tank is full!
- The most common reason for this to happen is because of a failed leachfield. When your leachfield rock has become saturated there is no where left for the liquid coming from your tank to go, thus it will back flow into your tank after servicing. Our sister company, S&R Enterprises, can provide you with a free quote for a new septic tank and leachfield to be installed! Call us today (907) 262-5761.
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